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 Who am I?

So why me?   What’s my story?

Since I was a teenager I have suffered from Trichotillomania – an Anxiety Disorder which resulted in me pulling my hair out until I was bald. With a real desire to manage my anxiety in a way that allowed me to do what I wanted to do, I studied for my degree, travelled the world in my 20’s, and progressed through the Financial Services industry to become a Sales Manager. Finally, I rose to my biggest challenge – raising two lovely little boys.

I have always loved the variety within my roles, especially supporting and coaching my team members on how best to achieve their own goals, be these professional but also personal in building their confidence and improving their ability to deal with things in a better way.

Of course, the constant energy and pace needed to manage my busy life, posed challenges for me and throughout this time, I started to look for ways to improve my own work life balance, improving my mind and happiness to help me achieve my own goals.

Whilst looking for ways to help me relax, step back, reflect and re-focus, I discovered hypnotherapy and it’s helped me change the way I think and feel not only about myself, but how I deal with situations.  I am no longer afraid of doing things in case I fail, instead, I now look for the solutions.  I no longer worry about getting things right or being perfect at everything.  I now know that my main goal is to live in the present and not reach 60 with regrets that I haven’t fully lived my own life but instead spent the time worrying about what people thought of me, whether we would be able to afford things in the future, or if I was good enough etc.

Today, I do things to the best of my ability and enjoy myself (I am only human after all).  I no longer fear!  I am the happiest I have ever been just being me!

This is why I am passionate about hypnotherapy – it’s amazing how the brain works and what we can do to ourselves without realising it. I also know how positively it has changed my life, not only for me but for my family.  My life’s purpose is to now use my communication skills and my passion for people to empower them to achieve what they want, just as I have done.

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